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Tappecue Airprobe2

Tappecue Airprobe2


Feast your eyes on the AirProbe2 – a completely wireless smart thermometer that works directly with your smartphone to receive alerts when your food is done. Never over- or under-cook your food again. With the AirProbe2 and Tappecue Touch devices, you’ll soon become an expert chef in the kitchen.

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The AirProbe2 works in conjunction with your Tappecue Touch and/or Smartphone in order to provide you with the most optimal cooking experience for rotisserie smokers pressure cookers, air fryers and more.  The AirProbe 2 is safe to use in dishwashers and has a waterproof rating of IP67.

The dual-sensor probe gives readings of the internal temperature of the meat and the chamber temperature.


  • Smart Tech – Patent-Pending Tech for using both wired and wireless food probes in one system for versatility – so you can use your probes in many different environments and smokers.
  • Alerts – Alarms on smartphone from anywhere when connected to Wi-Fi network, so you know exactly when your food is done.
  • Durable – The one-of-a-kind AirProbe2 works in pressure cookers, air fryers, etc. and is dishwasher safe with an IP67 Rating.
  • Dual Sensor – 2-in-1 sensors for meat and oven/smoker so you’ll know exactly when it’s done to your liking.
  • Truly Wireless – The AirProbe2 works completely wirelessly though BLE to the Tappecue Touch or Mobile App.

5 minute charge time / charge lasts 4-12 hours depending on environment.

Requires 1 AAA battery for charging dock (not included). 

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Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 in


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