We held our Holiday Meats class in November, showing people how they could best prepare turkey, rack of lamb, beef tenderloin and prime rib. This was right before Thanksgiving so there was a lot of interest in turkey during the class. We spatchcocked a turkey, going so far as to cut the ribs and keel bone out of the turkey, leaving the breast as a boneless section of the turkey.

We brined it using our Oakridge Game Changer Brine & Injection for about 8 hours and then we injected it with Butchers Bird Booster Rotisserie Injection and set it back in the fridge for about an hour. We also rubbed it down with Three Little Pigs All Purpose and Touch of Cherry rubs before putting it back in the fridge.

It was very well received but more importantly a lot of the people in the class used the same recipe and cooking technique at home for the holidays. They thought it went over very well and reported back to us that their friends and family loved it! There were other subtle things that we did to the turkey as well but they were just “technique” kinds of things, not related to products.

We are always willing to “talk BBQ” so stop in to visit soon!!