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Mike's Hot Honey (12 oz.)

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Honey infused with Chilies
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Sweet Heat! Honey Infused with Chilies 

The World's Most Versatile Condiment

Honey infused with Chilies: a flavor Mike discovered while studying in Brazil, combines two of nature's most unique and delicious foods - honey and chili peppers. For nearly a decade Mike perfected his original recipe by experimenting with varietals of honey and chili peppers. His signature infusion of New York wildflower honey and Brazilian chili peppers creates a perfect balance of sweet followed by a slow building heat. From the start, friends, family and the good people of Brooklyn have dubbed it Mike's Hot Honey.

Ways to Enjoy: Mike's first pairing was to drizzle his creation over his favorite food, pizza. Try Mike's Hot Honey on your favorite foods too. Drizzle on cheeses, fried chicken, BBQ, mix into dressings and cocktails and even pour over ice cream.

Ingredients: Wildflower honey from New York state, non-GMO Brazilian chilies, distilled white vinegar

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