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Kosmos Q Wing Dust Buffalo 5 oz

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Kosmos Q is trying to change the way you see homemade buffalo wings. It's as simple as this: why not get all the classic flavor of your favorite buffalo wing sauce, but nearly none of the mess? Kosmos special spice blend tastes just like mama used to make, only now you won't have to give everyone at your table their own roll of paper towels! Just cook the wings like always and when they're done sprinkle a little Kosmos Buffalo Wing Dust on 'em while they're still piping hot, take a bite, then slap yourself as you wonder how you didn't think of this idea before. 
  • Perfect for grilling seasoning - there isn't a better selection of award-winning spices than those you'll find with Kosmo's Q!
  • Small Batch
  • Multiple World Champion Award Winning
  • Sauce-less wing flavoring

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