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Kosmos Q Apple Habanero Rib Glaze 16 oz.

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Cooking ribs has never been easier. Our Peachy Peach rib candy is the perfect blend of sweet and heat.
Part Number: 851818003710
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Add mouth-watering sweet heat to your next rack of ribs with our Apple Habanero Rib Glaze™.

  • Take your ribs to the next level
  • Brush it on or mix it into a sauce
  • Made with delicious, junk-free ingredients

Brush on a generous helping of Kosmo's Q Apple Habanero Rib Glaze™ and let the sweet heat take over, melting over your rib creation with that sticky sweet accent of goodness. Our Rib Glaze™ is made with all-natural ingredients, like habanero peppers and cane sugar, and it’s sure to knock your socks off when it come to creating the perfect rib.

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