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Jealous Devil Chunx (20 lb)

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FREE SHIPPING! MAXXX elevates the BBQ briquet to a bigger, better fuel. The same incredibly dense hardwood we use to make our lump charcoal - plus a pinch of plant-derived starch (that is it - yes, really!)
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Jealous Devil

The flagship charcoal in a new medium-sized lump. Ideal for smaller grills and backyard BBQs. Crafted from one of the densest hardwoods on the planet and specially carbonized to remove impurities. The result? Hotter, longer, and cleaner burns with incredible flavor without sparks, pops, bitter smoke or excessive ash.

  • 100% natural ingredients: pure quebracho hardwood & a pinch of vegetable starch
  • NO chemicals or toxic ingredients – borax, nitrates etc – 2x the size of typical briquets for maximum performance
  • Taste-enhancing aroma & flavor – incredibly long, hot burn
  • No acrid, unpleasant smoke or harsh chemical odor
  • Extremely low ash production
  • Won’t spark, pop, or snap
  • Waterproof, resealable packaging with side carry handle

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