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GMG Davy Crockett Tailgater, WiFi

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On sale: $399.00 $374.00
GMG Davy Crockett Tailgater, WiFi
Part Number: 091037849854
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Davy Crockett Portable


Don't let the size of this cooker fool you. You can cook two good size (8 lb?) pork butts in here and with very little effort. Just "set it and forget it!"

Retail Pricing for sale beginning 12/11/2018

Davy Crockett Wi-Fi $374
Daniel Boone $549
Daniel Boone Wi-Fi $684
Daniel Boone Wi-Fi Stainless $774
Jim Bowie $724
Jim Bowie Wi-Fi $899
Jim Bowie Wi-Fi Stainless $999

Digital Controller - Control your grill’s temperature plus or minus a couple of degrees from 150°-550°F (66°-288°C) in 5° increments.

Meat Probe - Just plug the probe into the jack on the controller, put it through the access hole in the side of the grill, and insert into the meat. Push the “Food” button on the controller, and it will immediately display the internal temperature of the meat you’re grilling.
Firebox - This is our first grill to use open flame technology.


Durable Finish - Our Green Mountain Grills have a great, long-lasting paint job.

***This item is not ship-able as packaged*** We normally carry them in inventory

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