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Forest Lumps Hardwood Lump Charcoal

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On sale: $49.95 $45.95
FREE SHIPPING! Organic Premium 100% Beechwood BBQ Lump Charcoal
Part Number: 8607000067709
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  • All Natural European Virgin Artisan Kiln'd, 
  • hand packed, Each BOX has two sacks (see images) 
  • NO Sparking - NO Popping - Never smells Foul* 
  • National Champion's Choice of assorted sizes*
  • Hand selected: Large Lumps, medium and small for a unified burn
  • Phenomenal BEECHWOOD flavor proclaimed by Professional Chefs

"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" by The Naked Whiz review:

  • LOW Chips and Dust - Minimum waste, its "Boxed", hand packed
  • FAST EASY LIGHTING - Extremely Dry, low moisture content, the burn spreads rapidly, be careful to taper airflow
  • MAX Temperature - Burns Hotter - up to 950 °F for great searing temperatures
  • Burn Time - HIGH compared to other charcoals, LOW and SLOW cooking in smokers 12+ hrs, holds 180 - 200 no problems
  • Ash Prod - EXTREME LOW ASH / Ideal for all grills, ABSOLUTE BEST for Kamado type grills

SMOKE is moderate / pleasant smell / no need to add wood for smoking

Gravity feed smokers, never bridging

Extinguishes quickly for reusable cooks, multiple times

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