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Butcher BBQ Liquid Pork Injection (12 oz.)

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Butcher BBQ Liquid Pork Injection (12 oz)
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Pork is possibly the most over looked item to inject. Now with our ready to use injection keep a bottle handy for the quick pork roast, marinated sirloin chops, and even the perfect pork ka-bobs. It is a must for the low and slow smoking of a pork shoulder. Proudly made with zero MSG and zero Gluten. 

Using our base flavors that are loved by competition cooks, we have developed a liquid product that is easy to use. Just open and inject. Its not concentrated, therefore no need to measure it out.

Ingredients: Water, white vinegar, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (Hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, salt, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil/cottenseed, soybean oil added) sodium phosphate, and xanthin gum.

  • Plastic Bottle
  • Gluten Free and MSG Free
  • No need to add anything
  • Ready to use
  • Complete instructions on label

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