For this 3-part episode of the “Hangin’ With Hal” podcast, we’re joined by three amazing competition bbq teams. We’ve got Kent and Rachel Schuetz with Continental BBQ, Charlie Jackey and Dennis Cheatham with Blue Chip BBQ, and Mark Bowman with We Q 4 U.

In part one, we decided to do a round table to hear how each team got their start in bbq and what lead them to doing competitions. We start off with Hal and Continental BBQ for this episode. Each background is different and unique, but we all have the very same passion and love for bbq.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this show to be posted here on the Charcoal & More blog where we hear from Blue Chip BBQ and We Q 4 U on how they got their start in competitions. Catch all of these episodes on Anchor and YouTube as well. Pour yourself a shot or grab your favorite beer, do a 9:22 shot with us, and enjoy the show!