Pork Bourbon Cream

Grab a pen and paper, folks, because you’ll want to write BOTH of these recipes down!

We were in the kitchen again today with our good friend Dallas from Montgomery Farms and he came up with 2 DELICIOUS dishes. For the Pork Tenderloin he used the Butcher BBQ Coffee Dry Rub and for the Smoked Mac & Cheese with Bacon dish the Butcher BBQ Liquid Smoke was used.

As you already know, we carry both of those items at Charcoal & More so stop in and grab them because you’re going to want to make BOTH of these amazing dishes!


• Pork Tenderloin (with silver skin/membrane removed)
• Butcher BBQ Coffee Dry Rub
• Butter/vegetable oil (for sauté)
• 1 cup bourbon (Evan Williams used)
• 2 cups heavy cream

For Tenderloin:
1. Cut pork tenderloin into 1″ strips. With a meat mallet, pound nice & flat into 1/4″ medallions
2. Coat medallions with Butcher BBQ Coffee Dry Rub – set aside for 30 minutes
3. While waiting make bourbon cream sauce
4. When ready to cook, sauté medallions in a skillet 5 minutes each side

For cream sauce:
1. Pour bourbon into saucepan, cook down to roughly 2 tablespoon amount
2. Add cream
3. Simmer until reduced to roughly 1 cup
4. Add salt to taste
5. Pour evenly over pork medallions and enjoy!