1. 2020 BBQ Bootcamp

2020 BBQ Bootcamp

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DAY 1 - Saturday, AUGUST 29 

Ribs & Chicken
Learn how to smoke delicious, competition-quality ribs and chicken with instructor, Chris Marks of the Three Little Pigs.  Each student will get his or her own slab of ribs to prepare. Chris, an 8-time American Royal Champion, will take you through the entire process and cover topics such as different types of smokers and common mistake when smoking. Students will eat mouth-watering smoked chicken for lunch and take a "smoked to perfection" slab of ribs home. 

Topics covered:
  • Baby back ribs from start to finish (hands-on)
  • Smoked chicken from start to finish
  • Types of grills and smokers
  • BBQ techniques
  • Types of wood
  • Fuel
  • Common mistakes
  • and much more!

DAY 2 - Sunday, AUGUST 30

Briskets & Butts
In this sequel to the chicken and ribs class, Chris Marks will teach you how to smoke incredible beef brisket and pork butt.  Lunch will be provided.  Students will take any leftover brisket or pulled pork home at the end of class.  Chris will leave no stone unturned in this in-depth tutorial.  The class will be divided into four parts:
  1. Cuts of Meats:  Briskets, Pork Butts
  2. Preparation: Marinades, Rubs, Injections
  3. Cooking Techniques
  4. Finishing Techniques
The fee is $250 for the 2-day BBQ Bootcamp.  Class is limited to the first 30 people registered. Includes on slab of baby back ribs per person. Also includes instruction, additional refreshments, rubs, sauces, and use of equipment.

Held at Charcoal & More: 840 S. Penn Ave., Sellersburg, IN
for more info: (812) 283-2233 or [email protected]

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